Rockland Mini Buildings Mfg. Inc. stocks a wide range of trailers such as utility trailers, flatbed trailersspecialty trailerscar haulers and deckovers.  Whether you are looking for a trailer that can haul household furniture or tackle heavy-duty hauling tasks, we have just the trailers for you. These open trailers allow the cargo to be accessed from any side. We are dealers of Superior Trailers of Georgia.


You can choose from a wide range of utility trailers from our inventory. Our flatbed trailers can handle heavy-duty hauling whether it is bulky equipment, cars or trucks. These trailers can cater to short- and long-distance travel. If you want a flatbed with deck trims, then our deckover models will be ideal for you. These trailers can be loaded from any side, as there are no rails or fenders that obstruct, making them ideal for hauling equipment that is relatively wider than your typical cargo. Specialty trailers like sports utility trailers and camping trailers are also available at our retail center. You should look at factors like the load that the trailer has to haul and the vehicle that will be towing the trailer to decide what would be the most suitable trailer model or size for your needs. For more information visit us at 1533 Bowman HWY Elberton, GA 30635 or 1279 East Franklin Street, Hartwell, GA 30643. You can also call us at 706-283-6597 or 706-376-7199.

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