Rockland Mini Buildings | Trailers Elberton and Hartwell, GA
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Whether you’re hauling tools, equipment, or vehicles Rockland mini buildings can supply you with a premium trailer that suits your needs at an affordable price.


Utility Trailers

Rockland Mini Buildings Mfg. Inc. stocks a wide range of trailers such as utility trailers, flatbed trailers, specialty trailers, car haulers and deckovers.  Whether you are looking for a trailer that can haul household furniture or tackle heavy-duty hauling tasks, we have just the trailers for you.

covered trailer

Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are a good choice if you have to haul luggage, furniture or other items from one place to the other. Our enclosed trailers offer your belongings just the protection they need, so they remain undamaged by the wind, rain or other weather elements during transport.

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