Rockland Mini Buildings | Reverse Pitch Mini Buildings
Rockland Mini Buildings in Hartwell GA has a large selection of reverse pitch mini buildings. Shop with us today!
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Reverse Pitch Mini Buildings – Elberton & Hartwell, GA

Reverse pitch style buildings from Rockland are framed using engineered trusses and 7′ wall studs. An optional 8′ wall is available. Reverse pitch buildings are often used where the customer desires the entrance door on the narrow end of the building.

Reverse pitch buildings are for the more discriminating buyer. They offer the same robust features as Rockland’s Standard style buildings but with more versatility. Customers wishing to finish the interior often choose the Reverse Pitch style because it gives you a flat ceiling. This feature makes it easier to install insulation as well as some type of wall board. Most customers desiring a small office or cabin choose the Reverse Pitch style. All Rockland buildings over 24′ long are Reverse pitch.

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