Cargo trailers are a good choice if you have to haul luggage, furniture or other items from one place to the other. Our enclosed trailers offer your belongings just the protection they need, so they remain undamaged by the wind, rain or other weather elements during transport. They can be used to haul items throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions. Rockland Mini Buildings Mfg. Inc. is a Covered Wagon dealer.


The wooden flooring panels in our cargo trailers are treated to be moisture-resistant. As a result of this treatment, they do not absorb moisture or warp. We install a reinforcement lining so your cargo remains safe. Our enclosed trailers feature aluminum rails on the roof that add to both the functionality and aesthetics. It not just looks great but also protects your cargo from being exposed to the elements. The metallic body is lightweight which brings down the trailer weight, allowing you to enjoy a better fuel efficiency and an improved payload capacity.


From hauling boxes and belongings to cars, cargo trailers are capable of handling different payloads. Check out the different sizes of cargo trailers that we stock in our facility to find the one that best matches your needs. The Goldmine series trailers are available in 13 colors and numerous appealing designs. They have a three-year warranty. The Silver Strike series trailers are another one of our popular cargo trailers that offer great value for money. These light-duty trailers are available in single/tandem axle designs. They are available in 6’ and 7’ width with 12’-16’ length sizes, and are covered under a 1-year warranty.

Our cargo trailers come equipped with standard features. You can choose to upgrade to additional features or have additional accessories installed depending on your needs. Stop by our retail centers at 1533 Bowman HWY, Elberton, GA 30635 and 1279 East Franklin Street, Hartwell, GA 30643. You can also call us at 706-283-6597 or 706-376-7199 to request a quote.

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