Rockland Mini Buildings was founded by Greg Ayers in 1993. With many years of sales and customer service experience already under his belt, he soon realized that the buildings he was trying to sell for another portable building manufacturer were expensive, and the quality was less than satisfactory. Since he was not manufacturing the buildings, he had no control over the price or quality, which are the two basic needs of any company to achieve success. So within a year of starting the business, he changed the name to Rockland Mini Buildings Manufacturing and began producing his own line of portable buildings.  Today the buildings produced by Rockland Mini Buildings Mfg. Inc. are of very high quality and are competitively priced.


It is our belief that there should always be a balance between quality and price. This is the true meaning of “Value.” The comfort of knowing that you are getting a lot for your money makes purchasing anything easier and less stressful. This is what we strive to achieve when designing any of our portable buildings, and in turn, putting a price on that particular structure. We could build a stronger building, but it would come with a more expensive price. In turn, we could build a building with a cheaper price, but there would have to be reductions in the quality. There has to be a balance. It is with this balance in mind that we approach every potential customer. It is our hope that the customers, who purchase a portable building from Rockland Mini Buildings Mfg. Inc., do not walk away feeling that they got a “good” deal, but that they got a “great” deal.

For further information, questions or inquiries, you can visit our retail locations at 1533 Bowman HWY, Elberton, GA 30635, and 1279 East Franklin Street, Hartwell, GA 30643. Or just give us a call at 706-283-6597 or 706-376-7199.

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